Fit For Charity! Bupa 10k run.

Tumblr makes me so depressed with all these skinny bitches around, mannnnn. I’m not built to be skinny. I’ll forever be this size, with my big ol’ birthing hips and thighs that unfortunately touch. 

However. I am due knee surgery soon and I seriously need to get off my ass and lose weight soon, before I’m sat on it eating for three months whilst I recover….UHH OHHH. 

I have been going to the gym, but work IS SUCKING THE LIFE OUT OF ME. I came home at 8pm today. I’m used to getting in at 3am. IT WAS SO NICE TO HAVE A 9 HOUR DAY OPPOSED TO A 15. Loving it. But naturally I don’t bring my gym gear the ONE day I get let off at a sociable hour…kind of sociable hour. 

Just wanna be a skinny toned bitch, and be all in love with my ex and go to Bali with him (as we still have planned, and are the worst broken up couple, ever…weyyyoooo). 



These men are perfection. [x]


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I feel I would also look this banging in this bra. Where can I buy, plz?

I feel I would also look this banging in this bra. Where can I buy, plz?

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take all my fucking money

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little boobies like these, please. 

little boobies like these, please. 

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you what >

you what >

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bring-forth-the-night asked:
Still need to come your way and hang some time. Show us how the welsh do it big😎


hopingfortheshore asked:
I still want you so bad oops


bring-forth-the-night asked:
Now you're back you better get on that selfie game again 👊

Hun, all over it! haha

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